Santa Fe Freight Roster

This is not complete by any means, but I will be filling it in.


A link to some freight car info:

Ore Cars

Ga-T 50 cars, Ga-W 75 cars, Ga-Y 25 cars. Most of
there cars were retired and replaced by 1959.


Hopper cars, etc from Ted: (go through)

ACF70 tonAs to the ACF 70 ton hoppers, see attached file from my ACF book.

There are 2 copies of page 249 with the Xerox set to different copy settings.

The photo of the LNE car at the bottom of the page is a good example of Aristo's car as it has the up swept frame near the coupler ends of the car and the 2 triangular openings at the center / lower car body side.
The car also has the 5 square type  hatches per side on the roof top like Aristo's car, however, the brake air tank  is not exactly located like Aristo's car - but close enough in my opinion. (BTW, some other ACF covered hopper cars were shown to be  made with round hatches, too.)

Page 261 includes a Santa Fe covered hopper that does not have the up swept frame ends nor triangular openings on the car body side.

The book has a few selected drawings in an appendix.
I did not find a dimensional drawing of the covered hopper car, but I did include page 354 of a Union Pacific type covered hopper paint specification.

On page 356 I did find a dimensioned drawing of a single dome tank car that may be of use for you.

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