Mercedes module list

I use an icarsoft scanner. When used in the "Quick Test" mode, it appears to look for all possible modules, and then if found, they are in the list. Running the scan again will not show these modules again.

Here's the initial list, and the highlighted ones "disappear" after the scan.


TCM - Transmission Control Module

ESM - Electronic Selector Module -

DIS - DIStronic - radar DIStance system

ECM - Engine Control Module - i have P1999 refrigerant pressure too high

SBC - Supplemental Braking Control - a system that pre-applies brakes for you

ESP - Electronic Stability Control -

ABC - Active Body Control -

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - ?? weird, thought I had it, perhaps disabled

SRS - Supplemental Restraint System - airbag control

BMS - Battery Management System - module that protects from overvoltage and reversed connections

OCP - Overhead Control Panel -

EIS - Electronic Ignition Switch -

HRA.FR - Headlight Range Adjustment - Front Right

HRA.FR - Headlight Range Adjustment - Front Left

LCP - Lower Control Panel - mirror, roof, roll bar

PSE - Pneumatic System Equipment - pressure and vacuum pump in trunk

SAM.DR - Signal Actuation Module DRiver -

SAM.PASS - Signal Actuation Module PASSenger -

Rear SAM - Signal Actuation Module in REAR - trunk lid

RVC - RolloVer bar Control module - Circuit 15, 15R, and roof

KG - Keyless Go - wireless key card to unlock and start car

IC - Instrument Cluster - ambient temp sensor

SCM - Steering Column Module

PTS - ParkTronic System

D2B - fiber optic ring for connecting modules

CDC - CD Changer -

CTel1 - Cellular TELephone 1 -

CTel2 - Cellular TELephone 2 -

VCS - Voice Control System

SOUND - SOUND system

Tele Aid -

TV - TeleVision

DCM.L - Door Control Module Left

DCM.R - Door Control Module Right

ESA.FL - Electronic Seat Adjustment Front Left

ESA.FR - Electronic Seat Adjustment Front Right

OSB.FL - Orthopedic Seat Backrest Front Left

OSB.FR - Orthopedic Seat Backrest Front Right

AC - Air Conditioning - B1257.000/.001 refrigerant pressure too low - can clear - Multifunction sensor here

STH - STationary Heater with Remote Control





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