Large Scale QSI Titan Production configurations

This is to clarify the large scale configurations. The decoders are all very similar. This information is directly from, and courtesy of QSI Solutions.

There are the Aristo, Bachmann and USA Trains versions that have the conventional Samtec pins. The Magnum is the same except the pins are cut off. All versions have the 36 Screw Terminals.

The main Samtec connector J1 will always have 12 Pins. The second Samtec connector, J2, at the opposite end of PCB, will be manufactured with 11 Pins but modified to 10 Pins as needed.

There were originally 3 different production builds:

  1. Build A was used for Aristo and Magnums
  2. Build B  was used for USA and Bachmann Extras or modify for Aristo/Magnum Extras
  3. Special Specific Bachman Build

QSI has now consolidated the build options to just one build configuration, Build, “B”

All the ship configurations below can be created from Build “B”

Here are some of configuration differences:


This version will be modified to have J2 at 10 Pins by removing Pin 11, initially some will come with the 10 Pins

Note there is no active connection for Aristo on any of the J2 Pins, all the connections are active on J2A the associated 12 Pin Screw terminal.

To maintain mechanical connections on J2 the following Pins remain intact:


In order to eliminate the possibility of shorts the following pins are cut off flush to bottom of the lower circuit board



This version will retain J2 at 11 Pins, all 11 pins remain intact.

Note: There are 6 active function connections on J2,

J2-1=Speaker # 1 +

J2-2=Chuff Trigger #2

J2-3=Speaker #2 -

J2-8= Class Lights

J2-9= Cab Light

J2-10=Fire Box

There are four, new unique P/N’s for the popular

 PnP configurations:

            3107-0v7-0-104.q2   K27 and 2-8-0

            3107-1v7-0-104.q2   Climax

            3107-2v7-0-104.q2   Forney

            4103-0v7-0-104.q2   2-6-6-2 Tank

All the other Bachman locomotives do not have the DCC Socket and would use the Magnums.

USA Trains

This version will be modified to have J2 at 10 Pins by removing Pin 11.

All the other 10 Pins remain intact

Note: There are 3 active function connections on J2:

J2-8= Class Lights

J2-9= Cab Light

J2-10=Fire Box


Any of the above builds can be used for the Magnums by cutting all the J1 and J2 pins flush to the lower PCB. All the connections are made using the J1A, J2A and J3 Screw Terminals.

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