Maylong M-250 tablet

I bought an inexpensive Android tablet from Frys.

 It has a 7" screen and cost $100.

It is also named the WM8650, after the chip of the same name, from Via Technologies.

The VIA WM8650 runs on Android 2.2 with 800MHz CPU, a 7 inch 800*400 resistive dual point touchscreen, 256M memory, 2G Flash memory and a 1500mAh battery.

Can also be found under the model: Eken M009s, Zixoon Z78, Elken m003s


It has some type of non-official Android O/S, which you can tell by the fact that you cannot get to the "normal" Android Market, even if you download the app.

It has a resistive touch screen, is you need slightly more focused "pressure" to trigger things. They advise using a fingernail to tap the screen, but that has not been necessary for me, and I suspect you would get more screen wear, the screen surface is plastic.

they note that the touch and hold function needs you to tap and hold 2 seconds. So far, I haven't had any fundamental issues.


Exterior right side top to bottom:

  • speaker
  • micro sd slot
  • peripheral slot (dongle with 2 usb and 802.3 ethernet)
  • headphone jack
  • power jack
  • speaker

Exterior left side has the power/sleep button


Exterior top sid has menu button and volume up and down rocker



It has a micro sd memory


I have just general notes here to myself.


customer service is 888-403-9477, 248-853-9477

Charger is 9v, 1.5 amp DC, center pin positive.


built in apps:


an internet browser

a market app, but not the Google market

a youtube app

email - will do pop3, imap, exchange, seems to work ok, has feature to require a certificate, but accept all of them

a file browser - which will switch between iternal memory, a sd card plugged in, or something hooked up via usb

a photo viewer - does slide shows

a video player - don't know what it will play, but will play from external devices

a music player - have not explored it yet



This has a WonderMedia WM8650 chip that based on ARM11 inner core with a overlock on 800MHz, by Via Technologies. Model number Wonder WM8650


A tik to the button send it to sleep
3 seconds it come and ask what to do (airplan mode, hibernate, shut off)
8 sec Hard stop (not recommended)

Also to turn on the same:
IF it is in sleep mode a tik and wakes up
4 seconds to normal boot (than it was turned off)
8 seconds to HARD reset (back to factory settings)





from a reader:

I have put on the AppPlanet market (awesome) and the SlideME Market (Slow, but it works, and about to instal amazon market) and ive managed to get some decent games to run smoothly (Labyrinth Lite, Angry Birds, Toss it (NOT Paper Toss though theyre the same game), etc etc. The stock web browser is minimal at best. I installed skyfire, Opera Mini, Dolphin, and Dolphin HD. Dolphin is the best ive tried so far and its nice and fast. (about to try firefox) Ive got two great ebook readers (REPLACE THE STOCk ireader app WITH THE NEWEST VERSION ASAP!) I use the new ireader for half the ebook formats, and the FBreaderJ app for the others. lots of classic books available on project guttenberg website! I managed to get my menu to show an option for live wallpaper selection, and it will even preview them, but it will NOT change the wall apper to them, and the regular wall papers always revert and cycle wallpaper pictures with no option to change that setting that I can find as yet...good thing the stock pictures are nice! the camera doesnt appear compatible with any barcode scanner app ive tried yet, and it doesnt seem to want to display animated gif images...working on that too. I use the Dr. Web antivirus app and i must say I like it.


thread on the tablet:



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